Okay my first blog I guess?

I don't really know how to blog but here I go. Well, hatena is gone, just waiting for the 3D to come out so I can make some flipnotes again. By the way thanks to all the fans who have been fanning my stuff all this time. Is fanning even a word? Who knows XD. Oh, I just noticed to the right of my screen it tells me how to blog, yay! First step introduce yourself, easy enough. HELLO, I am Hallelu from hatena I made a lot of Weekly Topic Flipnotes and things. Step two, explain how I want to use this blog...hmmm I'll just post things that interest me at the moment like it says to do. Step three...step three is boring skip that. There's only 3 steps aw c'mon can't it give me more than that?? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,  maybe? More info because I'm stupid ? X

I feel like I should count like that vampire dracula from sesame street...One  ha-ha-hah. TWO  ha-ha-hah. Thhhreeee! HA-


Okay done.


I kinda feel like eating a bagel.